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Our enthusiastic community is at home in Switzerland, Germany and Austria, but travels all over the world.

They value quality over quantity, love to discover new things and are always up for an exciting adventure off the beaten track.

With over 1 million net-reach per month, is the largest digital platform in the German-speaking world for #Offroad #Outdoor #Adventure #Travel #Overlanding #Vanlife…

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A promotion is like an advertisement or a banner – just more efficient and cheaper.

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20000 – 30000 readers

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CHF/EUR 1250.00

✓ Duration: 1 year
✓ Text: max. 1000 words
✓ Photos: approx. 10 JPGs
✓ Video: 1 YouTube/Vimeo link
✓ Product link: 1 external link
✓ Placement: Teaser + Marketplace



  1. You book the PROMOTION Package with us./li>
  2. You receive a confirmation with all details
  3. You provide us with the content (text, photos, video)
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Outdoor Advanced Survival – rette sich wer kann.

Outdoor Advanced Survival – rette sich wer kann.

facebookinstagramdribbble  Du hast den Outdoor-Deepening-Kurs erfolgreich abgeschlossen und willst nun deine Survival Fertigkeiten erweitern. In diesem Kurs lernst du, wie man Mithilfe von wenigen Mitteln in bedrohlichen Situationen, wie z.B. Flugzeugabsturz,...